Pascual Garrido Cecilia

Cecilia did medical school in Universidad de Favaloro and her residency in Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires under the directorship of Dr. Muscolo (2001-2007). She then emigrated to United States where she spent her first two years at Rush Medical Center in Chicago in the lab investigating the role of apoptosis in the post-traumatic disease and performing clinical research on cartilage restoration procedures. She was the first international to match for a Sports, Shoulder and Hip Fellowship at HSS where she worked also as a team physician for the Mets, Knicks and USA Open. She then moved to Colorado where she did a two-year fellowship in Adult Reconstruction and Hip Preservation at University of Colorado. She then took a job at University of Colorado where she treated Olympic and elite athletes. She was awarded with several grants including the AOSSM-Sanofi Grant, American Academy, OREF, The William-Harris Career Development Award and the Lee Ford Award for her Academics Achievement. She also received her PhD at Universidad Catolica Argentina in 2018 in Bioengineering. In 2016 she was recruited from Washington University in St Louis to join the department as a Clinician Scientist. Washington University is ranked number one as the Orthopedics NIH funded academic centers and has the top Orthopedics Residency Program (ranked number one in the USA). Additionally, she has been selected by the Wash U Residents with the Excellence in Teaching Award. She is part of the Adult Reconstruction and Hip Preservation Service where she treats all hip related disorders including hip preservation and arthroplasties surgeries. She also leads a wet lab where she is investigating the mechanism of disease in the pre-arthritic hip. She has published 90+ papers and has recently been awarded with an NIH K08 grant to investigate the mediators of OA in the pre-arthritic hip. Recently, the prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine selected her as the author spotlight of the month (July 2020) highlighting the new novel data she has recently published regarding the role of inflammation in Hip FAI.

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